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Plans Underway To Jailbreak 7 ?

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You can now jailbreak 7 as the break has been released and the community support to jailbreak 5 is already chomping at the bit for the opportunity to jailbreak iOS 7 equipped phones and mobile devices. Many companies, including thejailbreakshop.com are at work preparing to develop jailbreaks that will allow iPhone users and other owners of iOS7 equipped devices to get the full functionality they deserve.
New Apple products, including operating systems, are always met with anticipation and enthusiasm in the months prior to their release. The iOS7 is receiving the same treatment, and then some as Apple users are hoping for a return to form for Apple after some of the stumbles involved with the iOS 6.
The new features and functionality offered by a new iOS are always tempting, but they come with a price. Apple operating systems will clamp down on your ability to download apps not given the company’s blessing. If you want the freedom to use your iPhone the way you want to use it, you’ll need to find a way to jailbreak iOS 7 equipped devices, such as when you want to jailbreak iPhone 5s.

What Is An OS And Why Does My Phone Need One?

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An operating system is the software that manages the hardware for a computer or other piece of complex electronic equipment1, such as the iPad or iPhone. The operating system helps allocate memory and manage interactions between hardware and software, among other functions. Without your operating system, your computer or other device couldn’t function.
Operating systems have a lot to do with how we interact with our mobile devices. For example, the early MacIntosh computers had operating systems that introduced Graphical User Interface – that is the icons and images we click on to access files and programs – to computers in the 80s2.
When Apple develops a new operating system for its iPhones and other products, it’s a big deal, as a new operating system can introduce new functions, change how the user interfaces with the device and make using the device easier, if the new OS is designed correctly. Poorly designed operating systems, or operating systems with design flaws here and there, can be frustrating to users as they may make using the device more difficult or cause problems with software.

The Problem With Apple Operating Systems

When you install an Apple operating system like the upcoming iOS 7 on your phone, you limit your phone’s functionality. Apple operating systems have features that limit users ability to download third party apps and features that many cell phone and mobile device users find appealing. Apple has several reasons for doing this, including financial disputes with developers of third party apps and a desire to block content that company leaders find offensive and incompatible with their brand. Apple has a culture of control ingrained in its core which derives from its legendary founder Steve Jobs. Owners of Apple products often find this lack of freedom stifling, however, and while they love Apple products, they hate the control freak aspect of the company that makes it difficult for them to download features they enjoy.

Tonight There’s Gonna Be A Jailbreak

Apple product owners who get disgruntled enough by the company’s nanny state ways often seek a way around them. Jailbreaking a phone will remove the restrictions set by the company. Apple product owners who are tech savvy can find exploits they can use to jailbreak Apple operating systems, giving them more control of their product. Jailbreaking has become so popular that a whole industry has grown up around it. Every time Apple releases a new operating system or product, there’s a mad rush by certain members of the tech community to find ways to tear down the walls created by Apple to limit the functionality of their products.
Jailbreaking allows users to download third party apps from developers who don’t have Apple’s stamp of approval. The fancier term for jailbreaking is “privilege escalation.” Devices that use iOS versions, including the iPhone and iPad are frequently jailbreaked as users chafe against the restrictions imposed by Apple. There are a number of ways to jailbreak phones from Apple’s limitations, but owners of Apple devices should choose their jailbreaking method with care as some methods may end up causing the device to malfunction or leave it vulnerable to security breaches.
Apple Responds
Apple doesn’t take attempts to jailbreak its devices lying down. The company takes a number of steps to stop jailbreaking, including boot ROM execute checks that attempt to stop uploads of custom kernels and attempts to defeat attempts to downgrade Apple software to earlier versions that allow jailbreaks.

Why Download The iOS 7, Anyway?

If you already have an iPhone or iPad that’s been jailbreaked, why would you want to download the new iOS 7 and have to repeat the process? This is a valid question posed by many Apple device owners. Despite the limitations imposed by Apple, there are some pretty interesting new features included in each update of the operating systems for iPhones and iPads that make them worth having.

Some eagerly anticipated features of the iOS 7 include:

jailbreaking ios7

A streamlined control center that puts many key features of the device only a swipe away, making the device more efficient and saving you time and effort.
A notification center that helps keep you up-to-date with calls, mail and messages, as well as reminding you of important events such as birthdays, anniversaries and work tasks.
More intelligent device management that fits your schedule and needs. Your device will now download upgrades and patches during times of the day when you typically are not using the device, for example.
A more user friendly camera interface that puts all of the most commonly used features of iPhone cameras quickly and conveniently at your disposal.
More convenient sharing options across a variety of social media and other content platforms.
A smarter Siri that better recognizes your individual needs and interests.
A tracking system that allows you to find your iPhone or iPad should you lose it.
And much more.
As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to use the new iOS 7. While this may cause you to lose some access to third party apps, this can easily be overcome by having a professional company jailbreak your device.
How To Find A Good Jailbreak Service
As mentioned before, finding a good service to jailbreak your phone is important, as bad jailbreaking can damage your phone or make it vulnerable to hacking. Consider all of the personal information that passes through your phone and the financial and other damage that can be done if the wrong people get access to it. Smart jailbreaking instead of cheap jailbreaking seems like a good investment, right?
When searching for a company to jailbreak your phones, try to find one that offers untethered jailbreaks. These jailbreaks will allow you to shut off your phone and restart it without having to reboot the jailbreak software. Otherwise you’ll have the inconvenient task of having to re-jailbreak your phone every time you turn it off.
Ask about what assurances your jailbreak company gives concerning its jailbreaking services. Quality companies like thejailbreakshop.com will guarantee their work with a money back option if you’re not satisfied.
Also be sure that your jailbreak service offers technical assistance, as you never know what can happen when you introduce new software to an iPhone or other device. Technical assistance can insure all issues are resolved smoothly.

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